Veronica Torres- Nigaglioni, MA

Mrs. Veronica Torres’ career as a devoted advocate and educator began in the island of Puerto Rico over 20 years ago. At first she wanted to become an attorney so that she could amplify the voices of those whose voices were muffled by the legal system.  However that journey evolved into social work, then education, becoming an advocate for all students, but especially those with exceptionalities (ESE) or needing access to resources because of any socio-economic, psycho-social or social and emotional needs. 

            With determination and sacrifice, Mrs. Torres migrated from Puerto Rico over 20 years ago with her new husband, speaking hardly any English, but has since excelled in the field of Education where she has changed many lives. Her passion and dedication have torched her path to becoming an Assistant Principal, then Principal of a school labeled “alternative” where she worked tirelessly to effect change for students, as well as staff, while juggling being a doctoral student, an adjunct professor, wife and new mother to a child with some special needs. Her leadership produced record breaking successes in academic achievements, earning numerous awards. 

            Mrs. Torres' most recent endeavors include  a partnership with colleagues to create Xploration Learning Academy-XLA which boasts the mission “We seek to serve our community in educational experiences which will provide critical thinking processes and affirm the giftedness of students of color. We are committed to intentional efforts at providing access to equitable learning environments and safe spaces to engage students (adults and youths) through an emphasis on social and emotional, as well as robust academic engagement to include a culturally relevant pedagogy.”  Additionally, she is  a founding coach in a series called “When Women Invest” which challenges the effects of the intersectionality of  race and gender on economics.  This group of  Women of Color engages in a “brave space” online in daily conversations  and monthly virtual meetings about investing, challenging the adage that “women save, men invest.” Foundationally,  all the women agree that “it is not enough to be frugal and thrifty” and are embarking on accessing knowledge of investing and taking actionable steps accordingly to build “seven streams of income.”

Mrs. Torres’ academic accomplishment includes a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work (University of Puerto Rico), Masters of Arts, Criminal Justice, Interamerican University)Diploma in  Applied Behavior Analysis, ABA Technologies,  and  is currently pursuing her doctorate in education EdD . 

She is happily married with one son and loves to travel the world with her family and friends in her spare time.