When Women Invest (WWI)

When Women Invest emerged as an act of resistance on Juneteenth, 2020 as a resistance effort after the killing of yet another unarmed man George Floyd. The online community challenges the effects of the intersectionality of race and gender on economics.  This group of Women of Color engages in a “brave space” in daily conversations and monthly virtual meetings about investing, challenging the adage that “women save, men invest.” Foundationally, all the women agree that “it is not enough to be frugal and thrifty” and are embarking on accessing knowledge of investing and taking actionable steps to create “seven streams of income” and secure financial independence and generational wealth.

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Women on a Mission (WOAM)

Mentoring program that provides support and intervention to empower Black women who desire to navigate the hierarchy of the k-12 educational field but are experiencing hurdles in their journey.

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"Dr Leblanc's presentation on " Self Care" was an excellent one. It was relevant, engaging and very  informative. She kept the audience alive with her interaction. Her presentation was worthwhile."

Opal Griffiths- Salome

Teacher, Ewarton High School, Jamaica

"Being a part of WWI has helped me to be financially literate.  I have learnt to effectively allocate my earnings and have started investments such as a college fund for my daughter,  i have purchased stocks and opening saving accounts for my children.  I have also learn the importance of ensuring my family having access to my finance in the event something happens to me.  Therefore, I have shared my passwords and pin number for all my bank accounts and debit card with a close family.  I have also added my son to my accounts"

"Making the decision to go to the next level in one's career is one of the most pivotal decision an individual makes. I questioned if I had the grit and if I was qualified to be in a leadership role. WOAM provided a group of women who taught me that I was talented and I could aspire for the next level. They provided the necessary tools that were required for  leadership and management roles. The mentoring of these women compelled me to make decisions that made career advancement a necessary goal that would ultimately pave the way for the next generation. WOAM  prepares and invests in the leaders of tomorrow."

"I was truly inspired by Dr Nads when she engaged my staff on Self Care During the Time of Covid . I realized that taking care of one's self is much more than the physical aspect. I was able to relate  to the need for Self Awareness, Self Management and Decision Making . She encouraged me to redefine 2020 and to look at the great possibilities that are available. Listening to her was rewarding and impactful."

Delia Webb Minott

Guidance Counselor

Ewarton High School, Jamaica, WI

"It's not simply understanding your strength, WWI  stretches you to understand the power of community! In a modern use of time, energy, and purpose, I have grown to love women that I have never laid eyes on. I have determined that being in service to others is not a lonely journey. WWI bring out this awareness!"

"Thanks to the WWI group, I started paying more attention to all areas of my finances and in particular, started focusing on reducing debt. My revolving credit utilization has gone from 70% to 10% and I can now see a path to payoff long standing student loans. My credit score has also gone up 110 points. This group of women have truly been a blessing."

"Having participated in two sessions of your WWI group has helped to enhance my financial literacy.

1. I no longer take for granted the importance of estate planning and have taken steps in this regard by consulting an attorney along with my husband.

2. I have also made contact with financial institutions to update my beneficiaries on accounts, investments and insurance policies.

3.  have listed all policies, accounts and investments so that my beneficiaries will have this information should anything happen to me.

4.  have increased my critical illness insurance by purchasing an additional policy with investment."

"WWI has impacted me in more ways than I am consciously aware of. From our very first meeting, I was pumped and motivated to be on a better journey financially. I have learned so much from this community of Black and Brown women and I have begun to share this knowledge with all my friends and family. I am always encouraged by the women in WWI to keep pursuing the journey of becoming a more skilled investor. WWI was the missing piece I needed to finally take a stab at investing in the stock market. The crazy part is, I have learned so much more than investing in individual stocks. In addition to investing more towards my retirement (403B/IRAs), I have improved my credit score and have built a savings fund that I can use to invest in my own business. WWI is more than just an investment group; it is a lifeline for women who want to do more with their lives and their finances.

Dr. Ruth

"The WWI group chat and the zoom call for various topics has inspired me. I now invest more. I have made significant changes to my 401k. I maxed out my contributions and diversify my holdings. I also paid off all but one credit card and I now have 6 different savings accounts that are setup for various needs such as emergency fund, home improvements, travel and car repairs so I no longer have to use a credit card for these unexpected items. I am working on a few businesses to create multiple streams of income. I continue to educate myself about improving my finances everyday. Thanks to this chat I have made a lot of changes and thankful for it."

"WWI has been such an inspirational tool. There are not enough spaces where black women can come together to enhance their financial awareness concerning wealth building and investment. WWI creates that space and is truly a one of a kind opportunity for black women. It has helped me to become financially competent in a way that will not just shape my future but the future of my children and their children."


"Undoubtedly, Dr. Nadine Leblanc’s presentation on the theme ‘Grow Through What You go Through’ added great value to my experience at the staff development seminar I attended recently. The presentation was enlightening and empowering; and came at a time when I (and I am certain my colleagues as well) really needed it. I particularly appreciated the way she revealed the connections between one’s perception of self and the world around us. I have adopted some of the self- care practices she shared and have found them very helpful as I try to find peace in what has been a very trying time. I think as the world goes through these unprecedented circumstances ( the COVID19 pandemic and its spinoff effects), more people could benefit from her words of wisdom."

Georgette Lewis-Brown