Nadine L. Leblanc, Ph.D, MPEL, MLA, MS, DipEd

Dr. Nadine L. Leblanc’s professional career spans more than 25 years as an educator, building a track record of outstanding performance in teaching as well as in administration in her home country Jamaica, as well as her current home United States. In addition to her educational career, Dr. Leblanc worked in the financial district of NYC in Human Resources Management and is therefore conversant with unearthing, molding and managing talent through training and development, a discipline that is quite integral to the teaching and learning environment.

As a lifelong learner and  critical educator, Dr. Leblanc continuously strives to provide opportunities for equitable learning environments by emphasizing  attention to rigorous academics, psycho-social and emotional learning, culturally relevant pedagogy and charting opportunities for post-secondary success. She effectively engages the entire “village” in accomplishing this task. During her tenure as principal of a school labeled “alternative,” the school experienced tremendous growth in all indices- quantitative and qualitative. Accordingly, she successfully guided the school from a “failing” school to becoming the flagship of a consortium of schools. Her efforts included revamping the curriculum to a hybrid system, creating unique theme based instruction that ensured that all learning styles and cultural backgrounds were included in instruction. Her creativity also included a mentoring  program called eXploration Friday which focused on building social competences. Dr. Leblanc’s community engagement included a strategic effort to tackle  the “school to prison pipeline” by challenging the judicial system with accountability and direct, fearless engagement. Her success as Principal resulted in her being a recurring keynote speaker at yearly conferences. As a critical educator, Dr. Leblanc believes that it is within her realm of responsibility to challenge the status quo, advocate for and give voice to those marginalized. 

Dr. Leblanc’s passionate and progressive work includes engaging adult learners as a consultant where she facilitated workshops  for Broward County School educators in Title 1 Schools. She also engaged college students at Palm Beach College for three years where she engaged Freshmen in preparing them to become successful college students. 

Her most recent efforts are on a project coined  “Racism, Response and Responsibility” as an act of resistance to the systemic issues which still threaten Blacks within the U.S. The project includes the development of resources for teachers to engage in personal and professional development on Anti-Black racism; an inclusion of a social action project component to a Fundamentals in Information Technology (FIT) curriculum, a cross departmental effort dubbed “Journey to Justice” to include a social justice focus to Career and Technical  Education (CTE) teachers, workshops on Becoming Critical Educators within her role  at Chicago Public Schools (CPS)  at the district level.

Within her own company, Dr. Nads Learning Solutions, Dr. Leblanc leverages her Economics major,  experience in the Financial district at Morgan Stanley, coupled with her life experiences as an eager Jamaican immigrant seeking to move up the socio-economic ladder and spearheads a series called “When Women Invest” which challenges the effects of the intersectionality of  race and gender on economics.  This group of  Women of Color engages in a “brave space” online in daily conversations  and monthly virtual meetings about investing, challenging the adage that “women save, men invest.” Foundationally,  all the women agree that “it is not enough to be frugal and thrifty” and are embarking on accessing knowledge of investing and taking actionable steps accordingly to build “seven streams of income.” Based on the success of this initiative,  she has added a Jr. Investors spin off to support this movement, as well as a financial literacy workshop called “Becoming Mansa Musa: Lessons in Financial Fitness” for young children ages 12-21 which explores the economic history of Black and Brown peoples as beacons of survival and success, while engaging steps to becoming financially healthy.  Her most recent project is a partnership with colleagues to create Xploration Learning Academy-XLA which boasts the mission “We seek to serve our community in educational experiences which will provide critical thinking processes and affirm the giftedness of students of color. We are committed to intentional efforts at providing access to equitable learning environments and safe spaces to engage students (adults and youths) through an emphasis on social and emotional, as well as robust academic engagement to include a culturally relevant pedagogy.” 

Dr. Leblanc has a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Methodology with a concentration in Adult and Community Education From Florida Atlantic University .  Her dissertation is titled :

Caribbean Immigrant Women in Educational Leadership: Over Hills and Valleys Too 


Her academic path includes specializations in Economics and English Literature (Mico Teachers College), Sociology and Psychology (Hunter College/CUNY),  Human Resources Management (Long Island University), Africana Studies and Modified Educational Leadership - MPEL (University of South Florida) earned with the highest honors.

Having served in multiple capacities as an educator: Teacher, Principal, Professor, Consultant, Instructional Specialist and President/Owner of a company that focuses on “learning solutions,” she lives and breathes her philosophy that is etched in the belief that “All children can and will learn. Therefore, as educators, we become the vanguard of society where we create opportunities to pass on the mores and traditions that make us a thriving society and afford our students equitable opportunities to inject their creative ideas into formulating our future. “ Dr.Leblanc is also a socio-cultural critic who writes for Haiti Progres Newspaper, her most recent article being “Policing in Schools: A Black Educator’s Journey.”

Dr. Leblanc is married to Milton E. Leblanc and takes pride in the role of being mother and auntie to hundreds. In her spare time, she loves to travel the world and explore different cultures, enjoy music,  theatre, family and friends. 


Her commitment is to: Serve. Inspire. Teach. Motivate. Model. Mentor. Break Barriers.