Life Lessons in Financial Fitness for Youths


Overview of Workshop

Goal:  To provide a financial literacy learning experience for youths that will incorporate Black Economics as a counter narrative of survival and success 


Objective: Youths will learn concrete steps to help in creating healthy financial habits  


Ages: 12-21 to start (break out sessions as needed)


Timeline:  6 Saturdays, 60 minutes sessions each- A new date will be announced soon.


Program Overview: Students will engage in online collaboration with at least one financial coach weekly to discuss foundational principles in financial literacy. Within each lesson, there will be an inclusion of pivotal moments, philosophies, people, and events in Black history as sources as inspiration. Students will be introduced to: Mansa Musa, cooperative economics as purported by Marcus Garvey, Black Wall Street or their very own parents and immediate ancestors' history , amongst others as narratives of survival, success and bridges to extend to a commitment of optimizing generational wealth


Pricing: Six (6) sessions package - $150 for each student for the entire course. Discount offered if multiple students enroll from the same family. There is currently a discount if you sign up today.


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