Dr. Ruth Floreal, EdD, MA, BA

Ruth Floreal, Ed.D, a passionate educator with a myriad of experiences in various levels of education including Early Childhood Education, K-12, and Higher Education. She has a Bachelors in Elementary Education, a Masters in Educational Leadership and a Doctorate of Education with a concentration in Curriculum, Teaching, Learning, and Leadership. Over the past 4 years she has studied how Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) can be integrated in classroom instruction starting from early childhood and beyond. Dr. Ruth is a former teacher with the School District of Palm Beach County and has a heart for teaching children of all ages. In addition to teaching preschool and elementary school children, Dr. Ruth has been an Adjunct Professor at Palm Beach State College for the past five years. She has worked in several leadership roles as an Education Supervisor at Palm Beach County Head Start, a Professional Development Trainer with the Early Learning Coalition and is currently the Children’s Ministry Director at her church. Dr. Ruth is an educational consultant providing services to a variety of schools throughout the state of Florida. As a consultant, Dr. Ruth led professional development sessions on how to enhance Parent Engagement and empowering children with Voice and Choice. Additionally, as a Classroom Evaluator, Dr. Ruth has evaluated hundreds of classrooms and provided detailed reporting and feedback for teachers and school administrations on instructional effectiveness. 


Dr. Ruth’s educational philosophy is one of using play-based learning as well as culturally relevant teaching to enhance learning across subject matters. She is a strong believer in the fact that children have the ability to do more than they think and beyond what us (the adults) can imagine, they just need time and space to grow. She connects with her students using games because she believes that they are a great way to bond with them and build relationships and as such engaging social and emotional learning. 


Dr. Ruth’s most recent endeavors include a partnership with colleagues to create Xploration Learning Academy-XLA which boasts the mission “We seek to serve our community in educational experiences which will provide critical thinking processes and affirm the giftedness of students of color. We are committed to intentional efforts at providing access to equitable learning environments and safe spaces to engage students (adults and youths) through an emphasis on social and emotional, as well as robust academic engagement to include a culturally relevant pedagogy.”  Additionally, she is  a founding coach for a series called “When Women Invest” which challenges the effects of the intersectionality of race and gender on economics.  This group of  Women of Color engages in a “brave space” online in daily conversations  and monthly virtual meetings about investing, challenging the adage that “women save, men invest.” Foundationally,  all the women agree that “it is not enough to be frugal and thrifty” and are embarking on accessing knowledge of investing and taking actionable steps accordingly to build “seven streams of income.” 


When she’s not working, Ruth enjoys reading, taking long walks and spending time with her family and listening to music.