Inspire. Learn. Teach. Break Barriers.

Welcome to Dr. Nads Learning Solutions

Vision: We strive to provide learning opportunities for children and adults. The goal being to create equitable and inclusive learning environments through engaging the entire village.


Our Services

Customized Workshops for students, parents and educators to create equitable learning environments

Individualized Tutoring for students of all ages- Individual or Group

Social and Emotional Learning for children and adults

Mentoring and Leadership Training for Educators- Individual or Group

Brave Enrichment Spaces for Gifted Students of Color

Financial Fitness Forums for adults and youths

Social Skills Development for Diverse Learners

English Language Skills Development for English Language Learners (ELL)

College Application, Essay Writing & General College Academic & Social & Emotional Support

Services available in English, Spanish, French and Haitian Creole.


"Dr. Nadine Leblanc is a truly passionate and inspiring critical educator who is dedicated to encouraging others to join her on a pursuit for a more just and liberated world. Dr. Leblanc has the energy and charisma to move educators from curious about social justice to taking a stand against injustices and inequities they witness. I have experienced her magic firsthand and have had the honor to collaborate and build with her as well!"

Tonya Howell

Educational Leader

Break Barriers.